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The Entrepreneur's Wayside
Brief moments of rest along the journey to success
Brief moments of respite are critical on the journey towards success. Push away from the desk for a few short minutes each week and listen as the CEO of ORCVirtual, Inc., Curtis Ainslie, shares motivational and reflective thoughts from the wayside. The Entrepreneur's Wayside.

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Curtis Ainslie

Curtis Ainslie is the CEO and Founder of ORCVirtual, Inc., an American-based small business consulting and outsourcing firm since 2007. As an executive assistant, he and his team bring a unique approach to the traditional virtual assistant. Much more than your average virtual assistant gig worker, he strives to provide people with the same level one would expect at the corporate level.

He is often sought out as a mentor and coach for real estate investors from the novice, to the advanced professional. He specializes in creating procedures and processes for entrepreneurs and business owners/operators so their business runs efficiently. His goal is to help small business owners stay on-course regardless of the obstacles they may encounter.

Curtis conducts customer service mindset seminars, helping people to discern the difference between a growth and fixed mindset. His extensive background as a crisis intervention counselor provides him with a unique set of tools to help entrepreneurs through bad as well as good times.

A 30-year veteran of professional administrative and executive assistance, Curtis’s experiences span a variety of industries including real estate investing, real estate, banking and finance, non-profits, entertainment, manufacturing, human resources, and cemetery management. He is much more than a virtual assistant – he is a true small business consultant and one of the few transparent business owners in the industry.

Curtis is the host of The Entrepreneur’s Wayside podcast and blog, providing short but insightful narratives to help guide the entrepreneur along their journey to success. Curtis is a pastor, a musician, and lives in the Greater Tampa Bay Area with his husband, Robbie, their cat, Ender, and a senior Yorkie named Nikki.